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Exploring the Latest Research on Quitting Smoking with an E-Cigarette

The latest research on quitting smoking has shown that using an e-cigarette (also known as a vaping device) may be an effective way to quit smoking.

29 / 01 / 2023 

Investigating the Risks and Rewards of E-Cigarettes for Quitting Smoking

E-cigarettes have become increasingly popular over the past decade as an alternative to traditional cigarettes, offering smokers a viable option to quit smoking or reduce the amount they smoke.

29 / 01 / 2023 

A Guide to Developing an Effective E-Cigarette Quit Smoking Plan

We hope that this guide to developing an effective e-cigarette quit-smoking plan has helped provide you with the necessary information to transition to a healthier lifestyle.

29 / 01 / 2023 

Understanding the Benefits of Quitting Smoking with an E-Cigarette

If you're considering quitting smoking, talk to your doctor about the benefits of using an e-cigarette to quit smoking.

29 / 01 / 2023 

How to Use an E-Cigarette to Successfully Quit Smoking

In recent years, electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, have become increasingly popular as an alternative to traditional cigarettes.

29 / 01 / 2023 

what are e cigarettes and how do they work?

Over the past few years, electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) have become increasingly popular as an alternative to traditional cigarettes.

29 / 01 / 2023 


Appearance Design: RP4 STARTER KIT is a pod kit that integrates functionality and beauty. There are 5 trendy colors to choose from: Classic Black, Mysterious Silver Gray, Bright Blue, Luxurious Burgundy and Charming Lavender Purple. The smooth matte finish and sleek body bring an extraordinary look and hand feel. The overall structure also indicates its […]

09 / 11 / 2022 

FREETON Exhibition at InterTabac 2022

InterTabac is an international trade fair for tobacco products, e-cigarettes, pipes, and hookahs. It's the world's largest trade fair for tobacco products and smoking sets. Since its establishment in 1978, it has successfully held 43 sessions. This year, InterTabac dawned at the same time as the previous ones; it started from 9.15 to 9.17.

19 / 09 / 2022 

Freeton 2022 Dubai World Vape Show

As is well known, electronic cigarette exhibitions are mainly held in European and American countries. The most famous ones are the Tobacco Plus Expo and the MJBizCon in the United States, the IECIE Vape Show in China, the Vaper Expo UK in the United Kingdom, the Hookah Club Show in Russia, and the Dortmund Inter-Tabac […]

20 / 06 / 2022 

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