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Our company is a well-reputed electronic cigarette manufacturer integrating R&D, production, sales and service. We have exceptionally rich and profound experience within the industry, is the world’s leading e-cigarette manufacturer. Aside from that, our starter kits have been exported to Singapore, Canada, Japan, Indonesia and Western Europe and other countries and regions, and have won unanimous praise and recognition from local consumers.

In the years of development, we have summed up a wealth of experience and used advanced technology to produce e-cigarette starter kits. The appearance of the e-cigarettes produced has a very high similarity to real cigarettes. The good thing about them is that they feel comfortable and does not contain harmful ingredients such as tar. As a matter of fact, they are starting to become tremendously popular in today’s vaping industry, they are user-friendly, convenient (easy-to-carry in the pocket), and can deeply satisfy your vaping needs thanks to their capacity to various delicious flavors. Vaping is safer than smoking cigarettes. Because there is no combustion in vaping, there is no smoke, and smoke is what creates the tar and carbon monoxide that lead to most of the long-term health damage from smoking. The health benefits of being smoke-free include improved lung and heart function, and even better senses of smell and taste.

Because traditional cigarettes are extremely harmful to the human body, now the e-cigarette starter kit has become a popular alternative to cigarettes. We can provide you with a high-quality, inexpensive and extremely safe starter kit, and quote your health convoy.

We can provide you with a complete quotation. If you need a cost-effective e-cigarette starter kit, please contact us and we will serve you wholeheartedly!

Starter kit

The process flow of the starter kit: atomization head production → PCBA production → cartridge production → finished product production → packaging.

Atomizing head production: cutting the heating wire, welding the two high temperature wires to the two ends of the heating wire respectively, winding the heating wire on the fiber rod, putting the heated heating wire and the fiber rod into the ceramic seat, and removing the high temperature wire from the ceramic Lead out from the bottom of the seat, and thread the high-temperature wires into the five-layer circular tweezers net,Weld the high temperature wire on the upper side of the pin, and weld the other wire on the inner side of the nut. Fix the fixing pieces on both sides of the ceramic seat to test whether the resistance value is normal.

PCBA production: SMD the complete motherboard, solder the LED lights and switches for testing,
Check performance, weld two long wires, check appearance and cut.

Tobacco bomb production: Put the shredded tobacco into the inner shell of the cigarette holder, pour appropriate cigarette oil, heat it with tin foil, and put it into the cigarette holder shell.

Finished product production: fix the screw and the silicone sheet, and install the pin, weld the wire with the screw and the pin, one pin is connected to the positive electrode of the circuit board, a nut is connected to the negative electrode of the welding plate, and a wire of the positive electrode of the battery is connected to the circuit board. Connect the negative electrode of the battery to the lead wire of the screw, fix the lead on the battery, cover the circuit board with a rubber sleeve, and put the microphone in the smoke pipe after covering it with the microphone sleeve to test the performance of the detector.

Packaging: The last step is packaging. The starter kit contains e-cigarettes, manuals, etc., and can be sold after packaging.

Further Explanation

Our company is the industry's leading manufacturer of e-cigarette starter kits. Over the years, it has established a comprehensive market network around the world, and has won recognition from many consumers for its excellent starter kit quality.

We have our own e-cigarette production factory, with the best production capacity, the best price, the best quality control level and the best service system.

In the course of years of development, we have constantly summed up market experience, and introduced the most advanced international production technology, using high-quality materials and parts for production, ensuring the quality and safety of the starter kit. After repeated experiments, we have developed a variety of exclusive flavors, the taste of which is far from other similar products in the supermarket. The most important thing is that the e-cigarette starter kit we developed does not contain harmful ingredients such as tar, which will not harm your health while satisfying your cravings.

Our starter kits are disposable and rechargeable. Consumers can choose according to their needs. Disposable e-cigarettes are more convenient to use, while rechargeable e-cigarettes can be replaced with a longer use time, no matter which type. Its appearance and taste are similar to traditional cigarettes, which will give you the best smoking experience.

The words that smoking is harmful to health have been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, so e-cigarette starter kits have gradually become popular in the market. Perhaps the most important feature in disposables is their easy-to-use benefit. For one, upon unboxing from their package, they have with them a ready-to-use vape flavor and fully charged battery. You aren’t required to tinker with settings, you are only required to fire them straight (they are self-triggered when vapor is pulled via the mouthpiece) to commence your vaping session; satisfy your needs. Being superbly easy-to-use, they are most suitable for newbie vapers and people switching from cigarette smoking. Nevertheless, the easy-to-use advantage is highly appreciated by expert vapers who might be seeking simpler methods of doing their thing. If you have not tried e-cigarettes, you may wish to start with the starter kit. Our starter kit will definitely bring you a different use Experience allows you to quit traditional cigarettes without knowing it.

All of our products have obtained CE/RoHS certification, which can reassure consumers in terms of quality, and our prices are also very competitive. What we can promise is that no one of the e-cigarette starter kits at the same price has a higher cost performance than our products. You do not have to worry about the price. Here, you can buy the highest quality at the lowest price. Starter kit.

In terms of user experience and safety, using the e-cigarette starter kit produced by a regular manufacturer will bring you a more pleasant experience. We firmly believe we will be your most trustworthy choice. Finally, we can also provide comprehensive services. Besides, it is also possible that our customers can also customize the starter kit according to your needs, such as packaging and logo, which will meet your needs in all aspects.

We have a very important voice in the e-cigarette industry, leading the development of the e-cigarette industry, and our e-cigarette starter kit has been recognized by the majority of consumers, whether you want to eat by yourself, or you want to engage in If you are in the e-cigarette industry, you can contact us, and we will provide you with the greatest help!

Starter kit: Complete Buying Guide:

Do you like smoking e-cigarettes very much? Do you want to work in the e-cigarette industry?
The following will give you a detailed introduction to some common questions about e-cigarette starter kits:

1. What is an E-cigarette Starter Kit?

The starter kit is a product suitable for e-cigarette beginners. It includes e-cigarettes, manuals, charging cables and other products. E-cigarettes are battery-powered atomizers that generate steam by heating the e-liquid in the e-liquid cabin to allow users to smoke. Disposables are as lightweight as they are meant to solve complicated and heavy systems. Their lightweight is a tremendously positive solution as vapers feel much more relaxed if they were to vape for an elongated period. The property is a welcome change that allows your hand to feel far more comfortable during lengthy vaping sessions. Its appearance and the taste are similar to that of traditional cigarettes, but they are much less harmful to the human body than traditional cigarettes.

2. Benefits of The Starter kit

1. The starter kit has a taste and feel very similar to traditional cigarettes, so you can have the real feeling of smoking, so you can slowly quit traditional cigarettes without knowing it.
2. Although the taste is similar to traditional cigarettes, the e-cigarette starter kit is less harmful to the human body, allowing you to get a healthier body while smoking.
3. The price of the e-cigarette starter kit is lower, which can save a lot of money for consumers, and at the same time, after slowly quitting cigarettes, they will no longer have to pay for cigarettes.
4. Traditional cigarettes will produce second-hand smoke, causing a relatively large burden on people around them, and the starter kit does not have the harm of second-hand smoke.
5. The starter kit is a recyclable product and will not harm the environment.

3.How the Starter Kit Works

The e-cigarette starter kit uses a high-tech silicon chip and an airflow sensor to control the output and working status of the smoke. The nicotine is atomized, and the solution containing nicotine and flavor is atomized into particles, which are absorbed through the lungs and spit out simulated smoke at the same time. Its advantage is that it does not contain the tar and other harmful components in cigarettes, and it does not produce second-hand smoke and does not harm other people’s health. Traditional cigarettes burn tobacco leaves or tobacco and release a large amount of smoke. Smoking is not only harmful to yourself, but also very harmful to people around you. Being affordable, disposables can be used by anyone anytime they want to settle their vape flavor cravings without changing settings. Since the majority of these units are self-activating, all you need is to “bite” the mouthpiece and breathe in naturally to draw vapor. Regarding convenience, disposables are suitable for vapers who are absolutely strangers to e-cigs or switching from a cigarette.

4.Parts of STARTER KIT

The e-cigarette starter kit contains e-cigarettes, manuals, charging cables and other components, and e-cigarettes are composed of four parts: e-liquid, heating system, power supply, and filter.
The cigarette rod is composed of a lamp PCBA board, a rechargeable battery, and various electronic circuits. It uses lithium ion and secondary battery power components. In addition, there are many different battery charger types to choose from, such as direct charging, car The battery is the largest component of the e-cigarette starter kit, such as the charger of the USB port.

A disposable doesn’t generate a massive and offensive odor, and it’s less costly in the long run. But the question is, how exactly do disposable cigarettes work? It is quite simple. Typically, the vape pen is powered by a battery. When fired, the current is supplied to the heating element (coil) that in turn vaporizes the vape flavor converting it into vapor form. In return, the vapor is passed through the mouthpiece during the inhalation process. The atomizer is the cigarette holder part of the electronic cigarette. Simply put, it is the heating element, which is powered by the battery to generate heat, so that the e-liquid in it volatilizes to form smoke, thereby achieving the effect of "smoking".

5. STARTER KIT Maintenance Process

1. Placement: Place in a cool and dry place, avoid high temperature and direct sunlight. In addition, place the cigarette holder upside down and prohibit standing upside down, otherwise the e-liquid will leak out after a long time. Don’t lay it on your back. It may fall down and causes damages.
2. Battery maintenance: The battery of the starter kit is also very important. For rechargeable models, you should recharge it after you run out. Do not fully charge it at one time. Do not cut off the power halfway. Remove the battery within half an hour after it is fully charged. Turn off the power when not in use for a long time.
3. Atomizer: always pay attention to the remaining amount of e-liquid, do not dry it, otherwise it will easily produce a burnt smell and affect the experience of use.

6. How to Verify Quality of STARTER KIT

1. View: Look at the appearance and shape of the e-cigarette starter kit e-liquid, high-quality e-liquid should be clear and transparent without any impurities, showing colorless, light yellow, golden yellow, orange, green, etc., it should look like it should It is very soft and comfortable.
2. Smell: Smell the aroma of the smoke oil carefully. The high-quality smoke oil should be full of aroma, and it is a very attractive aroma, and it will not feel greasy.
3. Smoking: It should have a taste similar to traditional cigarettes when smoking, and its aroma should be comfortable and full, which can greatly relieve the cravings. The most important thing is that it is not irritating and does not choke, and there is still a lingering fragrance after smoking.

7.STARTER KIT Validation Documents

Verification documents are the easiest way to verify the quality of e-cigarette starter kits. The starter kits produced by our company are produced in accordance with CE/RoHS and other standards. The safety and hygiene conditions are in line with industry quality standards. In addition, our starter kits have been obtained It has CE, ISO, RoHS and other certifications. If you need it, you can contact us and we will send you the relevant certification.

8.How much STARTER KIT Cost

Price is always one of the most important factor when purchasing a product. In the current market, the price of e-cigarette starter kits fluctuates greatly, ranging from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars, mainly determined by the quality of the e-cigarette starter kit , But more important than price is cost performance. The cost performance of a product is always the first element when choosing.

What our company can promise you is that our e-cigarette starter kits have the most competitive cost performance. Both in terms of quality and price, they are very competitive. The same price is better than quality, and the same quality is better than price. Our price is highly competitive. That is due to that the production cost is controlled, and the most favorable prices can be given to our customers. Within the same price range, the quality of our starter kits is always at the leading level in the industry.

9.Types of STARTER KIT In the Market

1. According to the principle of smoking: heating non-burning electronic cigarettes (low temperature heating, a new type of tobacco similar to cigarettes needs to be inserted in the cigarette rod), e-liquid atomized e-cigarettes (the e-liquid is atomized by electric heating, thereby Produce smoke)
2. Classified by e-liquid: CBD e-cigarette (no dependence, can improve sleep), nicotine e-cigarette (contains nicotine), nicotine-free e-cigarette (no nicotine)
3. Classified by smoke size: small smoke (small smoke), big smoke (big smoke)
4. Classified by re-usability: disposable cigarettes (cannot be used repetitively, and need to be discarded after use), disposable electronic cigarettes with cartridges (reusable, but need to be replaced after the cartridges are used up), oil-filled electronic cigarettes (can be used) Recycled, oil can be filled after use)
5. Classified by shape: simulated smoke (similar to real smoke), non-simulated smoke (various shapes)
6. Classified by oil storage system: resistance wire atomized electronic cigarette, porous ceramic atomized electronic cigarette

10.How to Troubleshoot STARTER KIT

1. The light of the starter kit is not on: the battery is faulty, and the battery should be replaced if it cannot be used after being fully charged.
2. Little smoke or no smoke: the atomizer is blocked.
3. The e-cigarette starter kit can be used from time to time but not: the contact point of the power supply is dirty.
4. There is a burning smell: there is a problem with the atomization core.

11. What does the electronic cigarette contain?

The main components of e-cigarettes are water, propylene glycol, glycerin, nicotine and flavoring agents. The e-cigarette kits produced by our company do not contain harmful substances such as tar. If you’re seeking a specifically delectable flavor in the vapor, then disposables come with a wide variety of absolutely mouth-watering options. Moreover, you can easily find that flavor that hits your palate correctly because we all have different tastes. But you’ll have one difficulty: trying to determine which flavor to be tasted first.

12.Future of STARTER KIT

Nowadays, e-cigarette starter kits have been developed rapidly and become a perfect substitute for traditional cigarettes. But now the e-cigarette industry is very chaotic, and some of the e-cigarettes that are harmful to the body are disrupting the market. Therefore, our company believes that the future of the development starter kits will be very fierce. The first is the industry's regulation. Irregular e-cigarettes will withdraw from the market, and truly high-quality e-cigarettes will have long-term development in the market.
In addition, the performance of the e-cigarette starter kit still has a lot of room for development. With the development of technology, the taste of e-cigarettes in the future will be the same as that of real cigarettes. In addition, they will not cause harm to the human body. The perfect substitute for real traditional cigarettes.

13. Why Buy Our Starter Kit?

Our company has many years of development experience in the electronic cigarette industry, and the production technology has reached the world's leading level, leading the development of the electronic cigarette industry.

We use high-quality raw materials and advanced technology to produce starter kits, and we have our own factories and professional workers. All products are produced in accordance with ISO, CE and other standards, in line with industry norms, and the quality can completely reassure consumers .

Not only that, we have actively invested in research and development, and made outstanding contributions to the e-cigarette industry, providing consumers with high-quality e-cigarette starter kits, which do not contain harmful ingredients such as tar, many flavors are bilabial with good taste, long use time, and The price is also very favorable, and it is really high quality and low price.

We can provide a comprehensive service, including customized packaging and LOGO, etc., if you are intrigues to get to know more about it, please contact us, we will serve you wholeheartedly!

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