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25 / 11 / 2021

Electronic cigarette works by atomizing e-liquid into vapor.

Electronic cigarette works by atomizing e-liquid into vapor. It has the same vapor amount and taste as traditional cigarettes. A small number of users in the use of e-cigarette may come across a phenomenon of vape device malfunction. Here are the possible reasons.

1. Observe if there is remaining oil in the cartridge

When it is found that the e-cigarette can not be used normally, firstly to check the cartridge. This is the most common reason for electronic cigarette malfunction. This can be easily solved by refilling the cartridge with e-liquid. If you are using a disposable vape pen, it means you have used up the disposable vape pen and need to buy a new one.

2. There is oil in the cartridge, but the electronic cigarette still can not be used normally

If this is the case, we have to consider the battery. The vape device can not be used normally when there is still oil in it, most likely it’s because the battery of the e-cigarette has run out of electricity. Then you have to charge the e-cigarette in order to use again. If it is a disposable vape pen, there are two possible reasons. Firstly if it is a new disposable vape pen and it stops working upon several puffs. You can go to the merchant for after-sale processing. Otherwise if you have used the disposable vape pen for quite some time, then it means it is the right time to replace with a new one. This current one has served its duty.

3. Oil and batteries are both good

If the battery and cartridge are in normal condition and the vapor from the e-cigarette is very small or there is none at all, it is very likely that there is a blockage in the atomizer or airflow. Then it is time to clean them.

Another case is the battery electrode contact is bad, so you can open the bottom of the e-cigarette to check the electrode. Pad the bottom with a piece of plastic or something works is all it takes.

There are many more to cause vape device not-working, so what could be done to avoid vape malfunction?

Reminders to avoid vape device malfunction:
1.Keep the vape device vertically straight while open up the mouthpiece.
2.Do not add oil from the small hole in the middle of the atomizer, for it is not the right place.
3.Electronic cigarette is heated under high temperature. Wipe the bottom up upon charging.
4.Expand the atomizer’s life span by waiting more than 5 seconds between each puff.
5.Have the built-in lithium-ion battery fully charged.
6.Some devices are button-activated. They could only be used upon 5 times pressing, which also applies to shutting the device down.

To sum it up, there are 3 main reasons for vape device malfunction:
1.If there is no oil in the cartridge, you could refill or replace a pod.
2.If the battery light is flickering when vaping, or if the light is off, it means the battery is out of power, just charge it.
3.If the battery and cartridge function well, then it is recommended to replace a new atomizer.

When using a new atomizer, remember to check the resistance of the atomizer and make sure nothing is wrong before screwing it onto the mechanical battery compartment. If the e-cigarette sometimes works and sometimes does not, it is likely that the contact point of the power generated dirt, wipe with a paper towel can make it work again. If the the vapors smells or tastes awful, it is likely to be the problem of atomizer. Then it is better to replace a new one.

The above is the reasons for vape device malfunction and according measures. Hope it solves your problem.

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