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25 / 11 / 2021

Open Up Capsule System Vs Disposable Pod

Vaping is getting extra popular among individuals very swiftly, and also it might have caught you as well. Since you currently are an amateur vaper and also have substantial experience of the vape devices, it could have struck your thoughts over and over again, which one you need to think about-- an open husk system or a disposable sheath system. Even if you are a veteran vaper, it might still be a conundrum to you, which capsule system fits even more to your convenience.

Well, we do not have adequate buds to taste the texture of your selection, yet we understand it's a million-dollar question for every vaper today, which sheathing system supplies much more flavors to our lifestyle as well as exactly how it does so. We, right here at MiO Vapor, belonging of this huge Vape market as a seller for many years, can perceive well about the problems of our consumers, as well as our team believe that you hold the right to understand which sheathing system fits finest to your budget along with your way of life.


The vaping industry is obtaining more comprehensive than ever before just because of the lovers who are requiring for the better day after days. According to The Businesswire, the vape market income is anticipated to go across US$ 32.11 B by 2021. What the protestors do is to do several experiments with the products and also study concerning them a lot to get the most effective fit for their way of life. The even more they do so, the even more they hunt for, the far better products, which's why business like us are developing much more small, high-standard, and also user-friendly items daily.

Being an amateur vaper, you could have entered your regional vaping area where there are newbies like you, progressed as well as experienced vapers. One point you and also everybody can do is to consult with the sophisticated vapers as well as find out which products they use and what factors they thought about to land right into their final thoughts. But to convince on your own, you might need genuine reports and also information regarding both of the arguable. Without a good expertise of both the husk systems, particularly open and also closed shell systems, you are rarely mosting likely to make any type of smart decision even more.

So, prior to choosing the very best fit between open and also disposable sheathing gadgets, allow's have a look at the technical summaries regarding the items initially.

As its name goes, it's a closed, portable e-cigarette that comes with a non-refillable filled up e-juice storage tank as well as a built-in non-rechargeable fully billed battery. Instead of a refillable storage tank, you get a disposable cartridge or a husk that is generally replaced with a brand-new cartridge when you are finished with the previous one. The ready-filled hull e-juices can be found in a differing nicotine strength varying from 20mg-55mg. It's much like a tea-bag; as soon as you use it, just throw away it.

A common disposable husk features an incorporated 280 mAh battery while providing 1.2-1.4 ml of a flavorful salt-nicotine e-juice. This sort of system comes as auto-draw tools that function simply by taking a puff with greater than 300 winds to take place.


Tiniest Maintenance: No requirement to buy brand-new coils or clean the tank. As soon as made use of, just take care of it.
Straight-forward system: Typically shut husks come with a one-button-all attribute. Likewise, this kind of vape mods are generally draw-activated tools.
Problem-free substitute: Shells always come pre-filled with e-juice, so you do not have to handle counting decreases to load the atomizer.
Zero dripping: As shells come readymade, they hardly leak a solitary decrease of e-juice.


Limited e-juice composition: As the cartridges come pre-filled with any respective e-liquid, you can not control the nicotine strength manually.
Less flavor points: It is also the same concern. You have to go for the flavors that the products offer with it-- no manual customization for experimenting flavor profiles.
Annoying spit backs: Sometimes, you may face spit backs as the liquid comes out without being vaporized.
Less vapor production: Being integrated with a small capacity battery, the device may not be able to satisfy you with its vapor production.


With a lot of precise openings to go for customizable, low wattage vape mods manufacturers didn't take much time to develop an open pod system. By its name, you can understand that it's not the same as the closed ones; this type of pod system offers users a refillable tank while providing replaceable coils as well.

An open pod system usually consists of a high capacity battery and a big tank set up, offering more e-juice for a long time. There hardly exists any standard size of an open pod system as many open systems like pod-box, squonks, and sticks are available in the market. However, you can expect a high capacity battery of 1000-3000 mAh and a massive tank containing 2-8 ml of e-liquid in any open pod device.


Smooth vaping experience: Open pod devices offer satisfying mouth to lung (MTL) vaping with its sweet throat hits.
User-friendly: most of these devices come with auto-draw or hit and draw function, which makes it comfortable while taking a puff.
Comprehensive flavor options: Unlike closed vape devices, it works on a wide range of flavor options vape with. Also, you don't have to buy an e-juice mod from the same company that manufactures the device.
Scale your nicotine strength: You can easily customize your preferred nicotine strength always. Open pod devices work on any nicotine strength and any e-juice mod. You don't have to be bound to that respective brand only to customize your device.
Operate every part separately: this type of pod device comes offering more significant space for maintenance. With every part and piece detachable and rearrangeable, you can easily clean and take care of your pod device.


Maintenance headache: Unlike the disposable vape pods, you wouldn't want to dispose of an open pod. So, you have to take care of your device many times, and that could be pretty annoying for you.
Inconvenience: Refilling the tank and charging the device again and again can make you frustrated.
Trouble while carrying: Normally, open pod devices are bulky, and they weigh more than the other vape products available in the market. So, it makes sense to call those not likely portables.
Big size and shape: you may find it challenging to place the device anywhere in your house because of its large surface.


Vaping industry is developing higher market revenue day by day, and that turns to be more products with new features incorporating demand relevant technology. What it actually means is that we are getting more options to choose from, but it is difficult at the same time because we need to pick one out of a hundred; we can not try all of them and then choose one. And this goes the same for open pods and disposable pods as well. So, let's compare the crucial factors between the products to sort one out of it.


It is always a more sustainable option to replace a part of a PC than replacing the whole PC. Isn't it? Frankly speaking, that goes exactly the same with these products also. It's always going to cost less to simply refill a tank than to buy a new vape mod. Although disposable vape devices are available in bulk to purchase but in the end, the person who opts for the open pods will save more money.

Though initial spending on an open pod is always much higher than a disposable vape device (comes typically around $8-9 at MiO Vapor), considering overall cost in a month or a year, open pods will be much economical than the disposable ones and almost 85% more economical than consuming smoking. Like if you purchase a $50 open pod starter kit, it would hardly cost another $20 to refill your e-juice for the next two-three months. But, since closed pods are designed only to be disposed of, it may cost more dollars to purchase again and again.
WIN-- Open Pod System


You just can not do any favor of a particular domain as both the systems offer quality vaping experience. That's because leading brands always come up with high standard vape devices, whether those are open or disposable. With thousands of options available online, you can pick any one of them and have the satisfaction you want.

In that case, you just need to find a brand that you feel can show you the moon and simply start exploring their items. We, here at MiO Vapor, are always ready to fill your buds with our high-performing disposable products, namely the MiO Stix and MiO Nano, which come with 27 different versions that we can bet you might haven't tried those flavors ever.


You can clearly see two different poles between these two vape pods in the context of maintenance. Although pods were designed to trim down users' hassle to maintain the device, you might need to take care a bit more for any open pod item.

As an open pod item comes with a refillable tank and replaceable coils, you might want to customize working resistance integrated with the coil or to reload the tank. In that case, it would take away quite some calories from you. Open pods are made to make people stick with one item for a long time, and that's why they provide detachable parts and pieces to make it easy for the user to care for it.

In the case of a disposable pod item, it is a lot different. You almost don't have to put a single second for its maintenance. As it comes with an irreplaceable battery, coils, and e-juice tank while also being very cheap, you should just get rid of one after you are done with it.

So, both the systems ask for different aspects, and it entirely depends upon the user which one he or she would prefer the most.


Both the pod systems are for different reasons in the market. While Disposable vape devices are elementary to carry with, the open pods are not that effortless to carry. You have to take its e-juice bottle with you to reload the tank when needed. That might be a headache. With weighing as little as 0.05 lbs, the disposables are almost ultra-portable.

Many people don't like to fill the tank with any other flavor because it produces a mixed vapor, and they miss the actual taste they want. Considering this point, it is a no-brainer to spend $10 rather than $50 to enjoy a single flavor.

But if you want to control the vapor production and strength of nicotine, you must use an open vape pod. To change the amount of flavor and nicotine, you need a refillable tank and a customizable coil resistance. Disposable vapes are not going to offer that.

WIN- Disposable Pod System.


It is almost impossible to conclude any winner, and we want to leave the debate entirely up to you. While disposable pods are offering effortless vaping without any maintenance, open systems are offering you a customizable device. Vaping.com shows that, according to Euromonitor International research, open systems are more popular among the vapers. Since 2011 the gap between the shares of disposable pods and open pods increased although shares of both the products increased individually.

It's no doubt that both the systems are a dominant contributor towards annual vape industry revenue, and now it is ultimately your choice to pick one. Everyone has a unique lifestyle, and the choice depends upon whether you are a regular vaper or an occasional vaper. Nonetheless, MiO Vapor is always there to offer you the most craved disposable vape products with the true essence of exclusive flavors that you will proudly call 'Mine' once you have a puff off it.

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