WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

What Makes FREETON DV2 MAX the Taste King of Disposable Vape?

16 / 02 / 2022

Today, we will introduce a disposable vape called the king of taste, which is FREETON DV2 MAX.

As we know, taste is the most crucial factor when choosing a vape product, whether it's about the open system vape or closed system vape. It is even more so on the disposable vape. Because disposable vape products are already pre-filled when they are sold, consumers can only choose the flavor and nicotine level when purchasing; no doubt they will have great expectations for the product's taste. Otherwise, throwing it away directly because of its sour taste is not only a waste of money but also incurs users' disappointment or even rejection of the disposable vape. Luckily, there are still many disposable vape products with good taste on the market. For example, the famous American brand Hyde, but its taste is not the best. Today, we will introduce a disposable vape called the king of taste, which is FREETON DV2 MAX.

FREETON launched the world's first Reuleaux triangle disposable vape -- FREETON DV2 as early as 2020. Anyone who's heard of FREETON or has used FREETON disposable vape products might have already noticed that. In just one year, DV2 has sold 8 million pieces with its excellent appearance design and highly restored taste. Worldwide vape users highly think of the FREETON DV2 MAX that the research & development department of FREETON continues to work on the Reuleaux triangle series, among which the 2ml version of DV2 MINI the King of Taste -- FREETON DV2 MAX are also prevalent and highly requested. Next, we will introduce this product in more detail.

The DV2 MAX is 118 mm tall and weighs 50 grams. It just feels right on to be held in the palm, just like Xiaomi 12. The body is made of aluminum alloy, and the surface is equipped with environmentally friendly rubber paint technology, which avoids coldness hand feeling in winter. The name, logo, and flavor pattern of the product are printed on the front of the device. Unlike other disposable vapes on the market, FREETON DV2 MAX uses the latest 3D printing technology, which makes DV2 MAX stand out and shows FREETON's insistence on developing and involving with technological innovation. Back to the product, there is a Type-C charging port at the bottom of the product, with a Micro version provided. The mouthpiece is ergonomically designed to fit in your mouth. DV2 MAX is a rechargeable, all-in-one vape device with 12 flavors, which can be up to 3500 puffs, coming with 10ml E-liquid, 1.2ohm resistance, and 2% or 5% salt nicotine.

The flavors of disposable vape on the market are named similarly, but very few brands can genuinely deliver high-reduction flavors. Based on the analysis of consumer feedback on the world's major electronic cigarette markets, the FREETON R&D team worked day and night testing finally launched 12 flavors for DV2 MAX, including primary flavors and mixed flavors. They are Grape ice, Blueberry ice, Orange ice, Strawberry ice, Mango ice, Watermelon ice, Earl grey, Pink lemonade, Blue razz, Rose litchi, Strawberry banana, Banana ice. Taste adjustment is never an easy task. Equipped with an industry-leading mesh coil, continuous adjustment is needed when matching the E-juice and the chosen coil. A perfect balance between the consistent power of the mesh coil and the fragrance and sweetness throughout the whole vaping is hard to keep. Even more, the lifespan should be long enough to make sure the stable taste from the first puff to the last. However, the survey found that more than 90% of the disposable vape flavor on the market becomes weaker and weaker when the E-liquid or the battery is running out, and even lose the original flavor and sweetness.

DV2 MAX also performs well in preventing E-liquid leakage. There is no sign of condensation or oil leakage by putting the DV2 MAX in a car on a hot summer day over 24hrs. It should be noted that the temperature in the car can be as high as 50 degrees during the day in summer, and the minimum temperature at night is 10 degrees. Good products are never afraid of testing in any potential scenarios. As the benchmark of good products, FREETON DV2 MAX bears the brand value and shoulders the industry's mission: to provide hundreds of millions of smokers with a healthier and more innovative alternative to cigarettes.

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What is FREETON?

FREETON is a global vape brand focusing on disposables.


Where you are located?

We are located in Shenzhen, China and ship all packages from our factory.


How to use FREETON products?

Most are disposables. Just open the package and you’re good to go.


How long can a FREETON vape last?

It depends on how heavily you vape and how often you use it. However, FREETON products last longer than 90% of the disposable e-cigarette pods in the market.


How can i cooperate with FREETON?

If you are interested in collaboration, feel free to email [email protected]

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