WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

DV2 SMART MINI – Affordable and relaxed vaping

19 / 10 / 2022

It is the best vaping device for the new vapers. It is an affordable and relaxed vaping device. It has a compact design and easy to use. You can enjoy your vaping time with this device. The DV2 SMART MINI is designed by Eleaf, who is known for its reliable and high-quality products. This smart […]

It is the best vaping device for the new vapers. It is an affordable and relaxed vaping device. It has a compact design and easy to use. You can enjoy your vaping time with this device.

The DV2 SMART MINI is designed by Eleaf, who is known for its reliable and high-quality products. This smart mini device comes with all the features that are required for a beginner or intermediate user.

It has a compact design and can fit in your hand easily. The weight of the device is only 0.2 pounds which makes it extremely portable as well as convenient. The device has a two-day battery life which makes it ideal for traveling and outdoor activities like camping etc.

The Eleaf Istick Dv2 Mini uses an advanced chipset that provides power efficiency and safety protection from overcharging and over discharge, which makes it one of the most reliable devices available on the market today!

DV2 SMART MINI - Affordable and relaxed vaping
DV2 SMART MINI – Affordable and relaxed vaping

Innovative anti-leakage design: The DV2 moves the liquid tank to the bottom, enabling smooth air flow and avoiding leakage.

The battery door has been modified, making it easier to open and close. The electronic cigarette is more convenient to use.

The new nozzle design provides better e-liquid flow, longer use time and a better vaping experience.

The new tobacco flavor is more realistic and purer than ever before.

Ergonomic design: The DV2 matches the curve of your palm and hand, allowing you an easy, smooth vape.

The DV2 SMART MINI is a rechargeable electronic cigarette that delivers an impressive amount of vapor and flavor. The DV2 SMART MINI has a 510 threaded connection, which allows it to be used with most popular e-cigarette tanks on the market today.

The DV2 SMART MINI features a built-in battery with an output of 3.5 volts and a capacity of 350mAh. This is enough power to provide you with a day’s worth of vaping before you need to recharge your device. The battery can be recharged using the included USB charging cable.

The DV2 SMART MINI has an ergonomic design that fits comfortably in your hand and offers smooth airflow for excellent vapor production. It also comes with a USB charger so you can charge it anywhere there is an available power outlet or USB port.

Personalized temperature settings: Choose from three temperature settings to find your ideal flavor experience.

Easy to use: Simply inhale to activate the device, and then exhale like you would a cigarette. The LED light will flash five times to indicate that the vaporizer is heating up. When it has reached its optimal temperature, the light will stay illuminated. The battery lasts approximately 200 puffs on a single charge and takes about an hour to recharge.

Discreet and portable: The DV2 SMART MINI vaporizer is compact and discreet, making it easy to use anywhere, anytime. It fits comfortably in your hand or pocket and can be used while charging!

High-quality components: The DV2 SMART MINI vaporizer uses high-quality materials that ensure reliability and durability during use. Its battery has been tested up to 500 charge cycles before losing capacity, making it an excellent choice for those who plan on using their device every day.

Vaporizes e-liquids: This device can be used with any of our e-liquids at room temperature or lower, which means you’ll get a smooth hit every time!

Dual airflow with a smart heating chamber: Direct airflow from both sides of the device into the heating chamber for a smoother draw.

The DV2-SMART MINI has two air inlets, one on each side of the device. This allows for a more direct airflow into the heating chamber, forming a vortex-like effect that creates an even more intense vaping experience.

The DV2-SMART MINI uses disposable e-cigarette cartridges that can be purchased from any convenience store or gas station nationwide. Each cartridge is pre-filled with 1ml of e-liquid and contains nicotine salts that are absorbed through the mouth and lungs instead of through the digestive system like traditional e-liquids. They are available in over 250 different flavors including tobacco, menthol and fruit varieties as well as dessert and cocktail flavors such as margarita, piña colada and blueberry cheesecake.

The DV2-SMART MINI uses our patented SmartChip technology which allows you to control your device with just two clicks!

Unique combination of materials for maximum durability and resistance against heat and oxidation.

The Smart Mini is a perfectly designed disposable electronic cigarette with a diameter of only 13 mm. Thanks to its small size, this model is ideal for people who want to try vaping without having to worry about the size of their device.

The Smart Mini has an automatic battery activation mechanism that ensures that you do not waste your e-liquid by pressing the button when there is no need. The Smart Mini also has an automatic shut-off function so that it does not overheat during use.

The Smart Mini comes with a 2ml cartridge, comparable to the standard 4ml cartridges that other brands offer, but at a lower price point because it’s disposable! This makes it ideal for those who want to try vaping without investing too much money in an e-cigarette device or for those who are looking for something convenient as an emergency kit if they run out of juice unexpectedly!

DV2 SMART MINI - Affordable and relaxed vaping
DV2 SMART MINI – Affordable and relaxed vaping

The DV2 is designed to fit comfortably in your hand and provides an easy, smooth vape experience.

The DV2 features a 510 threading and is compatible with any eGo style battery. The DV2 is available in six different colors: black, white, red, blue, green and pink. It comes with one atomizer tank and one refill bottle of e-liquid.

The DV2 has a built-in battery life indicator light that lets you know when it’s time to recharge the battery. It also has a lock function so that you can prevent accidental activation while carrying it around in your pocket or purse.

When the DV2 atomizer runs out of liquid, it will automatically shut off to prevent overheating and burning the wick. When this happens simply replace it with a new one from our great selection of replacement parts (sold separately).

The DV2 SMART MINI is a great quality vaporizer at an affordable price that produces high quality vapour and offers a relaxing vaping experience. It’s long lasting battery means you can use it throughout the day without any recharge. The DV2 Smart Mini may not be the best choice for heavy smokers but can definitely be a great alternative or an introduction to vaping for those who are interested in trying it.

D2 SMART - More Than Just An E-Cigarette

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